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A key way to reduce poverty is by the creation of employment and economic opportunity through entrepreneurial and micro finance based initiatives in small, medium, and micro enterprises. The emphasis is on growing micro-enterprise one person survival activities of the “second economy” into the “first economy” that generates broader multi-person employment.  Experience tells us that interventions are likely to be required at school level to create an entrepreneurial mind-set and business related skills.

Support of SMMEs will be one of the main programmes in Mayflower. It is hoped to raise US$1,000,000 per annum for a period of 5 years to provide support for SMMEs in Ebute-Metta.  Per annum it is hoped that up to 2,000 businesses will be created. If each business can generate US$500 extra income then an entire family can be helped per business created.

The Mayflower Foundation's work focus is on five main topical areas, with each of the areas having four programmes.

The empowerment programme areas are:

1. Support for SMME’s
2. Empowerment of women
3. Empowerment of youth
4. Animal husbandry

The five key initiative areas are:


A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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