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Community Markets and Transport

Communities can become more effective if they have a more local set of markets that local SMMEs can utilise for their inter‐trading. Transport costs and logistics are minimised for the community, increasing profitability. Mayflower plans to create a variety of daily markets for differing SMME activities. These markets will be promoted in other communities to generate inter-community trade.

Mayflower hopes to raise US$200,000 per annum for a period of 5 years to provide support for the creation and improvement of Community Markets and Transport in Ebute-Metta. Per annum it is hoped that 200 small markets or market-related businesses can be established in the community. The benefits are both direct for the new businesses and markets as well as the significant indirect benefits of reduced transport needs from a more integrated community.


The Mayflower Foundation's work focus is on five main topical areas, with each of the areas having four programmes.

The community programme areas are:

1. Support for orphans and vulnerable children
2. Development of community organisations
3. Creation of recycling markets
4. Community markets and transport

The five key initiative areas are:


A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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