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The Mayflower Partners

“Companies are realizing that it is in their business interest to ‘do the right thing’ everywhere they operate. Global firms are keenly aware that their long-term investment goals can only be achieved within a stable, healthy and free of social and financial environment. But companies alone cannot solve the challenges associated with social responsibility. They must work in cooperation with governments, civil society groups, development institutions, and citizens.”
 - World Bank

The Mayflower Foundation will bring together a wide network of civil society partners.  Mayflower will bring together businesses, add to their CSR capacity and leverage the combined capacity into Ebute-Metta.  NGOs and CBOs will be developed and their local skills harnessed.  State and national government will be partnered so as to ensure a fit between Mayflower and broader development goals.  Employees and volunteers will be mobilized and treated as partners.  Most of all Mayflower will listen and respond to the citizens of Ebute-Metta whose lives will be transformed.  All of these partnerships and more will be essential to the sustainable development challenges in Lagos.

“We understand the need for a global alliance of business, society and the environment. In the 21st century, the world won’t tolerate businesses that don’t take partnership seriously, but it will eventually reward companies that do.”

C. Michael Armstrong, Chairman & CEO, AT&T

We are currently seeking large Nigerian companies to join the Foundation with the aim of becoming founding partners, sponsors and trustees of the foundation.

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The whole initiative was started by generous support and dedication to make it a better day in Lagos by Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency


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HOPE worldwide, an international development and relief agency, has been established in Nigeria for more than 12 years and has currently programmes in 16 states around the country


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New Era Partners is a specialist CSR consulting company based in London that focuses on developing country CSR programme design and management.


A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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Initiated by Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency

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Mayflower concept, design and management by New Era Partners

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