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Getting Started with Mayflower

1.  Learn about the Mayflower Foundation - Find out about the CSR developments globally
     and in Nigeria and why Mayflower is an appropriate response. 

2.  Obtain joiners pack - Request from NEW  ERA Partners, the managers of the Mayflower
     Foundation, a detailed joiners pack including the main programme strategy manual  and
     sponsorship papers.

3.  Half day workshop - To confirm your existing CSR approach and objectives and see the
     best fit of Mayflower to your organisation.

4.  Selection of 3 options for programme participation - Mayflower has 5 initiatives, each
     with 4 programmes and each programme has up to 5 projects.  For Mayflower to work
     sponsors are required for all 5 initiatives.  To ensure balance sponsors will be asked to
     select 3 options  across 3 initiatives.

5.  Confirmation of Mayflower participation - Mayflower will confirm which of the 3 options a
     new sponsor has requested will best fit with existing sponsorships.

6.  Transfer of 1st year sponsorship - Sponsors will be requested to make available their first
     years sponsorship.  A letter of guarantee will be required for the remaining 4 years.

7.  Partnership options with other Mayflower Sponsors - Partnership opportunities will be
     investigated between new and existing Mayflower sponsors.

8.  Programme  Design considerations - Programmes will be designed to are either Quick
     Wins or required more detailed planning.  Any existing sponsor know how, corporate
     resources or staff volunteer options will be incorporated.  Monitoring and evaluation
     methods will be specified.

9.  Establishment of benefits targets - Targets for the programmes and for anticipated
     benefits to the sponsor will be specified.

Initially be briefed to learn more first hand, then arrange a half day workshop with NEW ERA Partners, the managers of the Mayflower Foundation.   From this point onwards the range of options within Mayflower will be matched to your companies objectives.

Please explore the factors influencing a decision to join Mayflower

Breadth of Mayflower Sponsorship
2. Mayflower Sponsorship Requirements
3. What can Mayflower Sponsors Expect
4. Getting Started with Mayflower

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“Companies are realizing that it is in their business interest to ‘ do the right thing’ everywhere they operate. Global firms are keenly aware that their long-term investment goals can only be achieved within a stable, healthy and free of social and financial environment.

But companies alone cannot solve the challenges associated with social responsibility. They must work in cooperation with governments, civil society groups, development institutions, and citizens.”

World Bank

A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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