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What Can Mayflower Sponsors Expect

Business Benefits

For companies sponsoring Mayflower there is a strong potential for:
   accelerated economic growth;
   reduced costs;
   improved access to capital;
   improved risk management;
   positive public perception; and
   the development of human capital

Professional Management

The Mayflower Foundation management team from NEW ERA partners will ensure:
   effective, efficient and sustainable programme designs throughout
   full transparency and financial integrity
   a wide  range of  collaborations and partnership development
   detailed monitoring and evaluation

Knowledge Sharing

Companies sponsoring Mayflower will benefit from significant knowledge sharing including:
   best CSR practices
   effective programme designs that can be used in non Mayflower CSR programmes

“A Better Day in Lagos”
The Mayflower Foundation aims to directly impact up to 100,000 Ebute-Metta citizens and as many as 300,000 more citizens indirectly.  This is almost half of the population of Ebute-Metta .  It will be an example of what can be done in other parts of Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.

Mayflower sponsors can expect from their participation in the Mayflower foundation firstly, a wide range of business benefits; secondly, professional management of the foundation; thirdly, knowledge sharing; and fourth and most importantly a transformation in Lagos that would otherwise have been impossible.

Please explore the factors influencing a decision to join Mayflower

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“Companies are realizing that it is in their business interest to ‘ do the right thing’ everywhere they operate. Global firms are keenly aware that their long-term investment goals can only be achieved within a stable, healthy and free of social and financial environment.

But companies alone cannot solve the challenges associated with social responsibility. They must work in cooperation with governments, civil society groups, development institutions, and citizens.”

World Bank

A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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