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Mayflower Environment Programmes

Example is a great teacher. A positive example can change attitudes and culture.  Of course, the reverse is also true.  Sadly, with the majority of the population on less than $2 per day it is difficult to create a positive example - but not impossible.  The Lagos government has already undertaken a significant number of beautification programmes that are changing the city and are providing positive examples.

Mayflower will have four key initiatives that between them will transform the environment as well as day-to-day living conditions.  Initiatives cover waste and sanitation; urban water management; civic paint and rehabilitation and initiatives for urban road rehabilitation and safety.

The emphasis of Mayflower is that these initiatives will be delivered within a targeted community, in the first instance in Ebute-Metta.

Ebute-Metta is in the centre of Lagos city and yet has some of the some of the worst urban slums, waste dumps, water and sanitation facilities.  As it is also one of the oldest parts of the city almost all civic facilities are in a state of shocking repair. Small wonder then that health is poor and that the desire of people to improve themselves is low. It all seems too difficult.

The Mayflower initiatives will be designed so that the community has a significant part to play in implementing and sustaining environmental initiatives.

The Mayflower Foundation's work focus is on five main topical areas, with each of the areas having four programmes.

The environment programme areas are:

1. Waste and sanitation
2. Urban water management
3. Civic paint and rehabilitation
4. Urban road rehabilitation

The five key initiative areas are:


A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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