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Why Ebute-Metta?

Ebute-Metta is the oldest part of Lagos yet is centrally located with a range of some of the most pressing social and environmental problems.  Its location will enable the programmes to be easily visited by all stakeholders to see the progress being made.

How were the programmes chosen?

Programmes were chosen with local NGO input, with state ministry input and in conjunction with African and international research.  Most importantly the programmes are designed to reinforce each other so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

How will the local community be mobilized?

Community involvement is a central part of Mayflower.  In addition to the development and support of community based organisations an overall community feedback system will be implemented. This will entail community briefings and open days that allow feedback and redesign of initiatives as necessary.   Also there will be community newsletters, magazines or journals to encourage the community to gradually take ownership of the initiatives

What are the overall objectives?

Given the size of Lagos, Mayflower will target its work in Ebute-Metta so as to make demonstrable results that can be replicated in due course in other parts of Lagos. Ebute-Metta has a population of roughly 1m.  The objective is to directly impact  100,000 and indirectly 300,000 citizens in Ebute-Metta.  It will do this with an annual budget of $10m for each of a five year duration at which time the programmes will be transitioned to the community.

Will Mayflower be for Corporate Nigeria or just for Lagos?

The intention is to start in one part of Lagos and then to replicate Mayflower within Lagos state and also throughout Nigeria.  Note, the initiatives for Mayflower are designed for an urban setting.  For rural development the same approach will be used but programmatic content will be different.

Will climate change and Global warming concerns be integrated into concepts and initiatives?

Mayflower is a community capacity development initiative.  The environmental programmes within Mayflower are designed to improve the welfare of community residents through improved water and sanitation, better  waste management, rehabilitation of civic amenities and improvements in community road and roadside management.   There are no specific climate change and global warming initiatives although of course an improved community environment will have a positive effect on pollution levels and indirectly global warming.


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