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Questions and Answers - Partnership

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Why partner for CSR?

CSR Partnerships enable the ability to see common agendas and shared aspirations, so that value is added to all partners, separately and together. Although CSR Partnerships involve a significant degree of trust and commitment CSR Partnerships are increasingly being seen as a sustainable development mechanism.

How will it fit with our own foundation or existing CSR values?

Mayflower will add value to any existing foundation through the sharing of its best practices developed in the context of one of the most holistic CSR programmes in Nigeria.  A very significant part of most potential sponsors CSR programmes activities are incorporated into Mayflower so most CSR values should be accommodated.

What will it cost us directly and indirectly?

Sponsorship of a Mayflower programme can start from as low as USD 100,000 per annum for a five year duration.  The largest programmes are budgeted at USD 1,000,000 per annum for a five year duration.  Involvement of a sponsor’s executive staff in the governance of Mayflower will be required.  Finally, an opportunity to ask the sponsor’s staff to volunteer in Mayflower programmes.

What control will individual sponsors have over the initiative?

According to their sponsorship board positions and votes on the board will be awarded.  At board meetings all major decisions will be taken that impact the strategic direction and operation of the Foundation.

What are the main benefits to a sponsor?

Mayflower is designed to be a very professionally managed social development programme that will make a major change in Lagos.  Collaboration and sponsorship of it is expected to brand participants as high quality corporates that are truly committed to the development of the State.  The consequent positive image of sponsors could lead to many beneficial results.

Will it be possible to endorse existing activities (sponsors and non-sponsors of Mayflower)?

It is hoped to attract the widest possible membership to Mayflower.  However, we do understand that not all sponsors will be able to afford sponsorship of a Mayflower programme.  A number of lower tiers of Mayflower sponsorship will be available which may include a variety of endorsement opportunities.


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