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Questions and Answers - Joining

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How many sponsors are anticipated?

Mayflower will implement 20 separate programmes which may comprise up to 100 projects.  There room for a wide range of cross sector partners.  At this stage we have invited 70 major companies to learn and possibly join.  We  expect a practical number will be approximately 20-30 companies since more will make governance difficult.

 What are the requirements for sponsors?

The requirements from Mayflower sponsors are principally twofold. Firstly, a 5 year commitment of corporate resources; and secondly, a broad based willingness to partner.

What amount of sponsorship is required per company?

Mayflower sponsorship can start at $100,000 per annum for each of 5 years.  Programmes  have been budgeted at $100,000 to $1m per annum.  A sponsor may choose to sponsor multiple programmes.

Is the full 5 commitment required at the outset?

No, only the first years commitment with a letter of guarantee for the remaining 4 years.  Each future years commitment will be required 4 months prior to the next year.

What can sponsors expect from Mayflower?

Mayflower sponsors can expect from their participation in the Mayflower foundation firstly, a wide range of business benefits; secondly, professional management of the foundation; thirdly, knowledge sharing; and fourth and most importantly a transformation in Lagos that would otherwise have been impossible.

What do we need to do to Join Mayflower?

Initially be briefed to learn more first hand, then arrange a half day workshop with NEW ERA Partners, the managers of the Mayflower Foundation.   From this point onwards the range of options within Mayflower will be matched to your companies objectives.


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