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Questions and Answers - Implementation

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When will Mayflower start programme operations?

The intention is for Mayflower to start with a number of quick win programmes from late summer 2009 onwards.  These will start with the participation of a small number of lead sponsors who can afford to add Mayflower into their CSR budget mid-year.  Mayflower will start its full operations in the new CSR budget year starting from Jan 1, 2010. 

Will it be possible to have programmes outside of Ebute-Metta?

The whole thinking behind Mayflower is to gain the benefits of synergy and holistic design by focusing attention on one area so that it can act as a working example of what could be achieved in other areas.  Working in differing locations would work against this principle.  However, Mayflower can accommodate the bringing of expertise from other locations into Ebute-Metta so there would be a case for programmes outside of Ebute-Metta being grown.

What communication will there be?

There will be a wide range of communication incorporating executive partners briefings, success stories, best practice papers, stakeholder endorsements, community feedback systems and of course professionally managed media and press relations.

What monitoring and evaluation will be in place?

As well as traditional and photographic methods of monitoring and evaluation Mayflower will be amongst the first in the world to implement across its programmes the concept of Social Returns on Investment (SROI).   This will provide a  clear vision of the economic return the social investment in Ebute-Metta has created.   Of course this will greatly assist sponsors with corporate promotion of their involvement.

What happens if initiatives don’t work?

Mayflower will have 5 initiatives, each with 4 programmes and each programme with potentially 5 or more projects.  In all over 100 projects.  It is likely some will not work.  However, this will be planned for and alternatives be ready to implement should results not be forthcoming as anticipated.

How will sustainability be achieved?

Community involvement and ownership is the key.  Programmes will be designed from the outset to build community capacity, systems and infrastructure such that community ownership can take place and is desired.  A guiding principle throughout will be “A hand up not a hand out”.


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