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Why a Foundation?

Foundations have well understood International Principles of Accountability. There are well proven and very large examples throughout the world (Gates, Ford, Rockefeller) to emulate. There is established foundation law and established charitable tax treatment.

Why the name Mayflower?

The name was chosen be humane, caring, delicate, modern, multi-cultural, effective & replicable. In addition a brand  image was required that represents 5 initiatives, that could be a simple organic drawing, with an instantly recognisable shape that is easy to reproduce in print, electronic and physical formats.

Is this the right time to launch a foundation such as this?
In fact this is exactly the time to launch a well planned and structured foundation.  Although companies economic bottom lines are currently suffering they can increasingly differentiate and maintain their market position through their social and environmental contributions. 

How will it be managed?

Mayflower will be managed by an independent and professional management team that uses best global practices to plan for, design, contract and manage local NGOs and CBOs that will implement the programmes.

How will it be governed?

Mayflower will have a small supervisory board of permanent trustees and a much larger management board comprising of one member per sponsoring organisation.  Both boards will meet to set targets, review progress and set major strategic direction on a quarterly basis.

What will be its requirements for accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency?

Mayflower will set multi-dimensional social development targets against which it will manage programmes and report accordingly. Annually there will be a Mayflower summit at which all stakeholders will come together to showcase progress and plans for the coming years.

The Foundation
Financial and Business Integrity

A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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