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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of most frequently asked questions about the Mayflower Foundation, it’s set-up, operations, governance and other issues that might need clarification. Click on the main topic to see answers for the whole section.

The Foundation

         Why a Foundation?
         Why the name Mayflower?
         Is this the right time to launch a foundation such as this?
         How will it be managed?
         How will it be governed?
         What will be its requirements for accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency

Financial and Business Integrity

         Will there be detailed financial information on how its funds are spent
          How do local organizations, NGOs and CBOs get involved?
         How will the foundation pick NGOs and CBOs to work with?
         How will NGOs and CBOs be made accountable?
          Are there potential tax rebates for CSR activities within the foundation?


         Why Ebute-Metta?
         How were the programmes chosen?
         Is there a community action plan
         What are the overall objectives?
          Will Mayflower be for Corporate Nigeria or just for Lagos?
          Will climate change and Global warming concerns be integrated into concepts and


          Why partner for CSR?
         How will it fit with our own foundation or existing CSR values?
         What will it cost us directly and indirectly?
         What control will individual sponsors have over the initiative?
         What are the main benefits to a sponsor?
          Will it be possible to endorse existing activities (sponsors/non-sponsors of Mayflower)?


         Is government also contributing funding?
         What other roles does the government have?


          When will Mayflower start programme operations?
          Will it be possible to have programmes outside of Ebute-Metta?
         What communication will there be?
         What monitoring and evaluation will be in place?
         What happens if initiatives don’t work?
         How will sustainability be achieved?

Joining Mayflower

         How many sponsors are anticipated?
         What are the requirements for sponsors?
         Is the full 5 commitment required at the outset?
         What can sponsors expect from Mayflower?
         What do we need to do to Join Mayflower?

“People are going to want, and be able, to find out about the citizenship of a brand, whether it is doing the right things socially, economically and environmentally.”

 Mike Clasper,  President of Business Development Proctor and Gamble (Europe)

The Foundation
Financial and Business Integrity

A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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