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NECA Round-Table Meeting on a New Perspective to Corporate Social Responsibility


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Thursday May 7, 2009 (PAST EVENT)
10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Seminar Room 1, NECA HOUSE, Plot A2, Hakeem Balogun Street, Central Business District, Alausa, Ikeja.

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Preamble from NECA Director-General Mr. O. A. Oshiniwo

As you are probably aware, a private Bill is currently progressing in the National Assembly aimed at imposing a Corporate Social Responsibility Tax of 0.5% to 2% of profit before tax on private sector companies. The Bill seeks to legislate CSR into law and institute a CSR Commission to give effect to it. 

We believe there is an alternative.  Last week we met with a team of UK Specialist CSR Consultants who have just finished the design for a major CSR programme for Lagos State initiated by LASAA.  The programme is called "A Better Day in Lagos" and entails a Public Private Partnership approach to the issue of CSR without the element of compulsion and legislation.  Rather, it will take the form of a group partnership approach by private sector companies, the state government, NGOs and CBOs to collectively sponsor and simultaneously implement a wide range of developmental projects. The partnership will be brought together under a newly created entity, the Mayflower Foundation, which is to be governed by all representative parties. Mayflower will have transparent and well monitored objectives to provide significant improvements in health, education, gainful employment through empowerment and enhanced security of life and property in the State.

It is to this end that we are organising a Round Table meeting involving a select number of member companies at which the consultants advising the State government will clarify the State's CSR Package. The issue of what is in it for business will also be addressed.


*     To strategise on how to implement an alternative to the CSR Bill being debated at the National Assembly.

*    To articulate a Public Private Partnership Model of CSR that does not entail compulsion.

*     To be acquainted with the Lagos State initiated CSR Programme called "A Better Day in Lagos" to be implemented by the Mayflower Foundation.

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See event photos here    NEW
1. CSR: From Concept to Practice
     - Global Trends

2. The Status of CSR in Nigeria

3. The Proposed Law on CSR: Alternative
    Options for CSR Advocacy

4. The Evolving Value Proposition for CSR

5. A New Perspective to CSR: The Public Private
    Partnership (Mayflower) Option

6. The Benefits of Joining the "Mayflower Team"

Download the Event Programme (pdf-file, 100kB)

A Better Day In Lagos” is a portfolio of CSR programmes in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland, set up by The Mayflower Foundation

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