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Risk Management

The risk management factor reflects the reduction in the likelihood that a company will suffer some loss, damage or disruption. It may include:

   Risk profile:
    - Elimination or reduction of business disruption by proactive consideration of
      environmental and social issues (e.g. in site location)
    - Elimination or reduction of potential future costs and production delays
    - Improved supply chain reliability
    - Reduced vulnerability to changing regulations by being 'beyond compliance'
    - Reduced political risk

   Elimination or reduction of the risk that the company's licence to operate will be
    revoked, including:
    - The 'legal' licence to operate - granted by government regulators
    - The 'local' licence to operate - in the form of local community acceptance of (or lack of
      opposition to) the company
    - The 'global' licence to operate - in the form of acceptance of the company's activities
      by international civil society (or lack of opposition). This is largely determined by the
      company's overall reputation and can be jeopardized due to perceived poor
      environmental and social performance

   Minimising fines and penalties due to legal liabilities

For companies sponsoring Mayflower initiatives especially those of Health, Education, Empowerment and Enviromental development we anticipate a strong potential reduced corporate risk.

Companies sponsoring Mayflower have the potential to gain business benefit from

1.   Reduced political risk
2.   Minimization of fines & penalties
3.   Minimization of labour unrest
4.   Continued licences to operate

Companies sponsoring Mayflower can expect benefits in 6 major areas:


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