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Public Perception

This factor reflects the public perception of a company, its products and brands. This would include the reputation of the company, the personal reputation of the company manager/owner as well as the brand value of the company. It has an impact on the other financial factors, affecting for example:

   Assessment of the company by lending institutions and financial markets, and thus

    access to capital

   Ability to attract business partners as well as quality employees

   Licence to operate - legal, community and global licence

   Reputation that can be quantified by:
    - Customer satisfaction surveys
    - Ranking in lists (e.g. most admired companies)
    - Perception in public opinion polls
    - Formal valuation of the company's overall brand

For companies sponsoring any Mayflower initiative - Health, Education, Empowerment, Enviromental or Community development - we anticipate strong potential improvements in public perception.

Companies sponsoring Mayflower have the potential to gain business benefit from

1.   Improved brand value
2.   Positive reputational impact
3.   Increased political influence
4.   Ability to attract partners

Companies sponsoring Mayflower can expect benefits in 6 major areas:


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